About Us

Setpoint Design is a family-run business. Leon takes care of the business operations side of things, with tech-savvy Morné handling all the social media aspects while Elmarié & Bianca team up to cover all the creative designs and beautiful wording of all the company's products.

All four family members (and business partners!) are passionate about allowing their family, friends and the people around them to be uniquely themselves; to live life to the fullest! But, with 2 extroverts and 2 introverts on the team, they understand exactly how difficult it can be to put thoughts into words!

So, Setpoint Design's mission is to create an expression -& style platform which can help people put their feelings and thoughts into a carefully designed gift, with beautiful wording to match - be it romantic, quirky, nostalgic or a little bit naughty.

Be uniquely you - don't waver and don't lose another moment..!

Convey your message through Setpoint Design.